Trump Campaign Sends Out Post-Debate Email Claiming Victory — Hours Before It Begins

President Trump’s Official 2020 Re-Election Campaign has declared victory over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hours before both men were set to debate Tuesday night, five weeks ahead of the Nov. 3 election, in the first of three planned face-to-face encounters over the next month.

In a campaign email accidentally sent to supporters on Tuesday afternoon, Trump informed supporters: “I finished debating Joe Biden.”

The email begins by claiming the “Fake News media will only report LIES about the debate” before telling the email recipient that the campaign was “disappointed” they had not donated today.

“This debate will go down in HISTORY,” the email reads. “I know the Fake News media will only report LIES about the debate and how STRONG our movement is, which is why I was really disappointed to see that you chose not to step up and help make TODAY our BEST fundraising day EVER.”

There are estimates that 100 million Americans will watch the two presidential contenders square off for 90 minutes in the widely televised and livestreamed event, facing questions from Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, as about 100 people watch in person. Until now, the candidates have not appeared together.

The Trump campaign on Tuesday demanded that Biden submit to a thorough ear inspection ahead of the first debate to ensure that he has not been equipped with any special communications devices, Fox News reported, part of an ongoing effort by the president’s supporters to paint the former vice president as mentally incompetent.