CBS Abruptly Drops ‘Love Island’ Contestant As Gay Adult Film Past Surfaces

On Sunday’s episode of Love Island, viewers noticed there was one islander who suddenly vanished from the show without explanation from the producers.

“It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement,” CBS and ITV America said in a statement to ET Monday evening. “He has been removed from the show.”

Noah was one of three new male islanders, including Bennett Sipes and Bennie Bivens, who entered the villa on Day 26, making his first appearance on the Sept. 17 episode.

The real reason for the 24-year-old Missouri resident’s abrupt departure, according to insiders, is his past as an adult film performer (x-rated link).

The show initially billed Purvis as a home healthcare provider whose hobbies included bodybuilding and making YouTube videos. His biography vanished from the show’s official website overnight, as did any mention of Purvis on the series itself.

According to Queerty, Purvis’ latest video was posted to the internet earlier this month.

RepublicWorld reports that CBS executives had no knowledge of Purvis’ work in adult film.

“Upon some research, it has been found that Noah Purvis, is actually an adult film star. Noah Purvis goes by the name Ethan in the adult film industry and has appeared in gay adult films which were shared on exclusive websites. In fact, his latest adult film was posted on an exclusive website merely 10 days ago,” the site reported. “Many fans on Twitter were quick to recognise Noah from his films. Some even joked about the fact that CBS had not done proper background research on the contestant before appointing him as an Islander on the dating show.”