Pro-Trump Anti-Maskers Storm Florida Target, Yell At Shoppers To ‘Take Off’ Their Face Masks

A group of anti-mask activists were caught on camera this week storming a Target in Florida, yelling at customers to take off their face masks.

The 30-second clip shows a group of about nine anti-maskers, some of whom were seen wearing pro-Trump apparel, walking up and down the aisles of the Target department store encouraging shoppers to “free” themselves of wearing the protective face coverings during the still raging COVID-19 pandemic.

“Take off your masks!” one of the anti-maskers can be heard yelling at shoppers.

“We’re not going to take it anymore!” yelled another woman.

One angry shopper can be heard calling the group “f*cking idiots.”

YouTube user Chris Nelson later uploaded a video of the so-called “maskless flash mob” to an account that has posted several videos falsely claiming the coronavirus pandemic is not real.

“In celebration of Burn Your Mask Day we decided to spread some freedom dust over the shoppers and employees of Target! #burnyourmask #freeyourface #nomask,” Nelson wrote in the video caption.

“If an infant doesn’t wear a mask, then no one should wear a mask,” said Cristina Gomez in a livestream on Facebook. Gomez shared the event, called an “anti-mask flash mob,” on her account. “People looking at us like, ‘What’s going on?’ Isn’t it crazy how people now look at me like we crazy because we don’t have a mask on? I think y’all crazy for having a mask.”

A Twitter user who shared a video of the incident posted another video of people in a Walmart without masks yelling at customers for recording them.