MAGA Rally Boos, Chants ‘Lock Him Up’ After Trump Tells Crowd Obama ‘Got Caught Spying On My Campaign’

President Trump told a packed crowd attending an indoor campaign rally Sunday night in Henderson, Nevada, about 20 miles south of Las Vegas, that former President Obama was “caught spying on my campaign,” a false claim that resulted in loud booing and chants of “lock him up!”

It’s his second rally during his trip to the West, after an outdoor rally near Reno, Nevada, on Saturday night.

“Nobody would say what they said, they made it up, it was a made-up statement and they put it up in the form on an ad in a third-rate magazine, whose best friend is Obama,” Trump told the crowd, as they began to loudly boo the former president.

“Who by the way, got caught spying on my campaign,” Trump said as the booing grew louder.

“He got caught. We caught him cold. We have him cold. Now let’s see what happens,” Trump said as the crowd began to chant: “Lock him up!”

Trump also kicked off his rally by claiming he is entitled to four more years as president beyond the eight the U.S. Constitution allows.

“We’re going to win four more years in the White House, and after we win four more years we’ll ask for maybe another four or so.”