Trump Campaign Misspells ‘Nobel’ In Ad Fundraising Off His Meaningless Peace Prize Nomination

The Trump campaign managed to misspell “Nobel” in a new ad released this week touting President Donald Trump’s meaningless nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Facebook ad shows a smiling Trump with the text overlay: “President Donald Trump was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.” And a caption reads: “President Trump achieved PEACE in the MIDDLE EAST!”

The 2021 nomination came earlier this week from Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a far-right, anti-immigration Norwegian lawmaker who praised Trump’s role in holding negotiations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates last month.

The ad was confirmed as authentic by The Daily Beast.

Tybring-Gjedde previously threw Trump’s name in the running in 2019 for his diplomatic efforts with North Korea.

Any head of state or member of a national government can submit a candidate, and hundreds are put forth for the prestigious accolade every year. The rules also allow university professors and directors of foreign-policy institutes to submit nominees, BBC reported.

The Daily Beast notes that Trump himself misspelled “Nobel” in April in a tweet attacking journalists covering his Russia investigation

Four US presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize, with the most recent being former President Barack Obama in 2009. Trump has criticized that choice.