Trump Campaign Sparks Outrage After Mocking Joe Biden’s Visit To Son Beau Biden’s Grave

Former Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to his son Beau Biden’s grave during the Labor Day weekend.

Beau, an Iraq War veteran and Delaware attorney general, died five years ago following a brain cancer diagnosis. He was 46.

President Donald Trump’s rapid-response staffer Francis Brennan uploaded a video of Biden’s visit to the Deleware cemetery which shows the Democratic presidential nominee walking to his son’s grave.

“REPORTER: ‘Mr. Vice President come talk to us,'” Brennan wrote in the tweet, mockingly adding: “Joe Biden just keeps meandering along.”

Biden still wears Beau’s rosary and even went so far as to tell “Morning Joe” that it should be his son running for president.

“Beau should be the one running for president, not me. Every morning I get up Joe, not a joke, and I think to myself, ‘Is he proud of me?” said Biden.

“He’s the one who wanted me to stay engaged,” Biden told Scarborough. “And it didn’t mean I had to run for president, but he was worried I would walk away from what I’ve worked on my whole life.”

Brennan’s tweet sparked outrage online, with Rep. Eric Swalwell writing: “It’s a cemetery. Where his son is buried. Are you human?”

Mia Farrow wrote: “Joe Biden was visiting his son’s grave. You are not even human.”

Dem Strategist Max Burns tweeted: “Hounding a dude while he’s visiting his son’s grave. The GOP never misses a chance to lower the bar.”