Claudia Conway Claims Mom Kellyanne Had Her ‘Arrested For Fake Assault Charges’ And ‘Needs A Lawyer’

Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, has claimed that her mother recently had her “arrested for fake assault charges” during a live video on her TikTok page, before insisting that she now “needs a lawyer.”

In the video, which is no longer available to view on her TikTok page, the teen claims she was arrested for allegedly making false statements about the White House senior counselor online, according to Heavy.

Conway also reportedly accused her mom of physical and emotional abuse on TikTok Live.

The teen is now seeking a pro bono lawyer, and, in one video, she tells her 176,000 Twitter followers via her comments section that she is “safe for now and staying with a friend in a different state.”

She also retweeted a tweet that reads: “Claudia Conway just went live on tiktok and talked about how her mother has physically and emotionally abused her for years and had her arrested for fake assault charges a few weeks ago…….someone get this girl emancipated STAT.”

Conway also shared a TikTok video saying her mom is threatening to have her allegedly arrested again for making “false allegations.”

In a video posted at the beginning of August, Conway recapped her “2020 so far.” In it, she says there have been “non-stop CPS investigations because (her) parents are abusive” and that her “mom got (her) arrested.”

In another TikTok video, the teen says she felt like she was being sexually harassed by an authority figure at boarding school and that he came into her room “every night.” She claims her mother dismissed the allegations as him “just looking out for” Conway when she brought it to her mother’s attention.

After going public with her allegations on TikTok, Conway put out a PSA to members of the media: “DO NOT USE MY TRAUMA AS A MEANS FOR PUBLICITY OR PROFIT. IT’S SICKENING. I AM 15 YEARS OLD. EXPLOITING A MINOR PUBLICLY IS DISGUSTING.”

She has also responded to people who are criticizing her for how she portrays her mom. “Can you all stop telling me how to live my life and portray my mother? i respect her to the extent she deserves. the woman got me ARE$$TED. ruined my life. i’m doing what i can. mind your business,” she wrote in one TikTok video.

In another video she wrote: “you think u can hurt my feelings? lol my mom is kellyanne conway.”