Trump Unleashes Deranged Rant Claiming Joe Biden ‘Will Hurt The Bible, Hurt God. He’s Against God’

Speaking to a tiny crowd at an airport in Cleveland on Thursday, President Trump unleashed a completely deranged rant accusing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of being “against God.”

Trump falsely claimed that Biden, a lifelong practicing Catholic, would “hurt the Bible” and “hurt God” if he were elected president.

“No religion, no anything – hurt the bible, hurt God,” Trump told his supporters.

“He’s against God,” he continued. “He’s against guns. He’s against energy. I don’t think he’s going to do too well in Ohio.”

Recent polls indicate Trump and Biden are virtually tied in Ohio, which the president carried by 8 points in 2016.

The rant came hours after Trump told Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera that Biden was “against the Bible” — a comment that stunned even Rivera.

“That may be a little harsh,” a stunned Rivera replied.

As CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale noted, Trump never publicly identified as a Christian until he started running for president in 2015, and he raised eyebrows when he said that he had never asked God for forgiveness, which is a central tenet of Christian doctrine.