Idaho Man Sparks Outrage After He’s Seen Waving Nazi Flag Near U.S. Air Force Tribute

An Idaho man sparked outrage online over the weekend after he was photographed holding a Nazi flag near a park that honors the local Air Force base.

An image of the man proudly waving the Nazi flag was shared on social media by Twitter user Amber, who describes herself as a US Air Force veteran and former amateur MMA.

“In my town, across from the park that honors our local AFB, literally 10 minutes ago,” the caption read.

The photo of the one-man Nazi demonstration quickly went viral and drew scorn from hundreds of Twitter users.

“I appreciate all of the likes, comments, and retweets on this post,” Amber wrote in a follow-up tweet. “We need to get this message out there and let ‘them’ know that we are NOT okay with the bigotry and ugliness that has bubbled to the surface the last few years. Time for us to take our country back.”

The display comes just days after a Trump-supporting Florida man was caught on video striking a woman in the face after declaring: “I’m a white supremacist!”