Boat With Trump Flag Accused Of ‘Endangering’ NASA Astronauts After Spacecraft Splashdown In Florida: WATCH

Dozens of boats were seen on Sunday circling dangerously around Nasa astronauts after their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule became the first American spacecraft to splashdown in 45 years.

The large numbers of small craft appeared to be dangerously close to the capsule carrying the astronauts as it splashed down into the ocean just off the coast of Pensacola, Florida.

One of the numerous vessels that had come within feet of the spacecraft was carrying a large blue Trump flag, which was clearly visible on the official live feed.

Footage shows large numbers of boats swarming around the area where the capsule landed.

It is not clear how so many people were able to get so close to the craft, or what danger they could have caused.

The astronauts’ capsule was soon after recovered from the Gulf of Mexico by SpaceX‘s Go Navigator ship, which will carry them and the Crew Dragon back to land to bring the mission to its full close.

“That work could presumably have been put in danger by any craft that came too close, and in the event of an emergency the large number of onlookers could have caused significant problems,” reports the Independent.

The boaters were quickly called out on social media for “interfering” with the mission.