Trump Supporter Attending Pro-Police Rally In Pittsburgh Chants “Kill Transgenders!”

A pro-police rally in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon took a turn for the worse when one of the rally’s attendees began chanting “kill transgenders.”

Many at the Back the Blue rally were wearing apparel supporting President Trump and waiving thin blue line flags, which are intended to show support for law enforcement.

A Black Lives Matter rally of over 100 people stood across the street from the rally as they chanted chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

A video shared to social media captured a particularly tense moment when a person from the Back The Blue rally began shouting, “kill transgenders.”

Many nearby are heard reacting in shock at the call to violence.

Sophia Kachur, an organizer of the Black Lives Matter rally, said it was important for people of the Shaler area to show support for people of color.

“We just wanted to show there were people willing to listen to Black and Brown people in this community,” she said.