Trump Fan Hangs Noose Over Confederate Flag On Truck’s Tailgate, Calls Rope His ‘Dog’s Leash’: WATCH

An Indiana man has gone viral after sharing a video of his pickup truck showing a Confederate flag painted on his tailgate and a noose hanging over it.

The man, who was later identified as 19-year-old Colton Allen of Bedford, Indiana, posted the video after someone left a note on his windshield saying, “f*ck you.”

After showing off the note, Allen goes around his pickup truck with an unidentified cameraman to show why someone might be compelled to leave the hostile note.

The cameraman asks “What are they are hating on, Mr. Colton?”

He replied, “I honestly don’t understand why they’re so upset,” grabbing the noose and characterizing it as his “dog’s leash.”

Near the end of the video, the cameraman suggests the noose is “just hanging” in the event the driver needs to “pull somebody out.”

“It’s not like it can be a noose or anything. That’s racist,” the cameraman said, to which Allen agreed.

The video, originally posted on Snapchat by Allen’s friend, Brady Headrick, went viral after it was shared on social media by former NBA player Rex Chapman on July 12.

Rapper and “Law & Order: SVU” star Ice T reposted the video with the caption, “racist clown of the day.”

Along with the note left on Allen’s truck, multiple people in his hometown of Bedford have taken photos of his truck and shared them on social media.

Reuben Murr said in a Facebook post, “These people are the trash living in Bedford Indiana! Yes, a confederate flag and a noose hanging out the back bed of the truck. Anyone know who owns this? Let’s make him famous…”

Murr said he saw the truck parked at Walmart. After he posted the photo on his Facebook page, one of his friends tagged Allen in the comments and Allen confirmed it was his truck. Allen replied to Murr’s post saying, “You guys can come see me.”

According to Heavy: “Allen graduated from Bedford North Lawrence High School in 2020, according to his Facebook profile. Before he made his Facebook profile more private, his Facebook page included several memes and posts about his right-wing views and his support of President Donald Trump.”

One meme on his social media shows protesters, including Black people, with the caption, “Impeach Trump before we all end up with jobs.” Allen also shared a meme that shows a photo of Trump and says, “even in heaven there’s a wall, a gate and rules to get in.” Another Facebook post by Allen is a meme that says, “Worry about your character and not your reputation. Because your character is who you are and your reputation is only what people think of you.”