Pro Boxer James Hawley Dropped By Management After Vile Rant About Gay Men, Trans People

British middleweight boxer James Hawley was dumped by his management company MTK Global on Wednesday after posting a hateful TikTok rant attacking gay men and transgender people.

Hawley, a 21-year-old London resident who has been undefeated in his pro-boxing career, made the vile remarks while responding to a question on his now-deleted TikTok account about his feelings on LGBTQ people.

“Do you support LGBT?” a viewer asked the rising boxing star.

“I one-thousand, one-million percent do not agree with this,” he started his rant, adding that he has no problem with lesbians.

“Listen, I can understand girls get with each other all the time at parties and all things like that. I don’t care, not a problem. I’d want them to get with each other in front of me. But boys on the other hand, and transgenders, there’s something seriously wrong with you,” he said.

“What in the earth makes you want to change your gender and get f**ked in the ass?” he continued. “What is up with you dirty c****? I feel sorry for your families.”

The vile TikTok rant caught the attention of “RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.‘s” Baga Chipz, who shared the video on Twitter and encouraged people to reach out to Hawley’s management company.

The prestigious boxing and mixed martial arts agency, which represents boxing stars such as Tyson Fury and Carl Frampton, was quick to act.

“The management team have made the decision to terminate Mr. Hawley’s contract with MTK Global with immediate effect and will no longer be representing him in any format,” the agency wrote in a direct message.

“MTK Global does not in any way condone, or support the views that were shared in any way, nor will these comments ever be considered as acceptable from any of our fighters hence the decision that was made by management.”

Hawley later responded to the controversy by blaming “a few members of the gay community” for sending him inappropriate messages before claiming he is not homophobic.

He said that he was angered by those inappropriate messages which led him to “say a few things that I didn’t mean.”

“I have friends who are gay, and I also have a cousin who’s gay,” he said, adding that he “never meant anything by [his anti-LGBTQ tirade].”

Gay Twitter was not buying his “apology” video: