Maskless ‘Karen’ Unleashes Racist Rant Attacking Hispanic Landscaper, Demands To See His ‘Papers’: WATCH

Juan Andrade, who has worked for a landscaping company for 10-years in Rancho Mirage, California, says he was confronted by a woman who demanded to see his immigration papers in an incident that he captured on video.

“It’s usually been about the work, but never to instigate or harass me,” said Andrade

While on the job, Andrade said he was mowing the lawn at an apartment complex when a white woman approached him and began harassing him with racist comments.

“Like any other complex I was just doing the work for all of them, mowing the lawn. I passed by her apartment and when I turned around to do the second round that’s when I saw her standing,” Andrade told NBC Palm Springs.

In the video, the maskless woman repeatedly harasses Andrade while ignoring his requests to adhere to social distancing.

“Can you show me your papers?” the woman says.

“Can you move away?” Andrade tells her.

As the woman continues to demand to see his papers, he asks her, “Are you immigration?”

Speaking to NBC Palm Springs, immigration lawyer Megan Beaman Jacinto says the woman’s motives amounted to nothing less than intimidation.

“Unless you are law enforcement, but aside from that, they are using that conversation as just another way to intimidate and create objects out of human beings who appear to be different from them,” Jacinto said.

Andrade says this isn’t the first time this woman has done this. Three months ago, this same woman approached him and told him to “Go back to his country.”

“When she was harassing me, I started to feel mad because I was just doing my work,” said Andrade.

“Based on what I have seen from her, I think she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. She believes she’s in the right, so I don’t think she’ll ever apologize,” said Andrade.