Woman Who Ripped Off Protester’s Hijab In Racist Attack Is Hit By Fire Truck, Suffers ‘Life-Threatening’ Injuries

A woman whose racist video rants and attack on a woman in a hijab and a Black teenager made international headlines earlier this month has been struck by a fire truck, reports the Citizen-Times.

Rachel Dawn Ruit, 41, suffered “life-threatening injuries” after being struck by an Asheville Fire Department pickup truck on July 13 in West Asheville, according to police and a witness.

“This afternoon at approximately 1:30 p.m. the Asheville Police Department responded to the 800 block of Patton Avenue after reports of a pedestrian being struck in the roadway,” Asheville Police Department spokeswoman Christina Hallingse said.

“Upon arrival officers located a female, known to officers as Rachel Dawn Ruit, suffering from life threatening injuries. She is currently at Mission in critical condition,” she added.

Jonathan Rowell said he saw the accident in the eastbound lanes of the major thoroughfare.

“I just witnessed the same lady from that video accidentally step out into traffic on Patton Avenue, going towards downtown Asheville, as she was walking with traffic coming from behind her,” Rowell posted on Facebook. “The Asheville Fire Department truck that you see in the background is the vehicle that she stepped out in front of.”

Ruit became known internationally for racist video rants recorded on June 13 and July 1 of her in downtown Asheville shouting racial epithets and threatening people, at times saying she would rape them.

On July 4, Ruit attacked a woman wearing a hijab head covering and a 14-year-old girl who was Black, according to the woman who was attacked, Asheville Police Department reports and a passerby who intervened.

“Less than two hours ago, white supremacist Rachel Ruit ripped my hijab off, bit my face and beat a black teen girl after yelling racial slurs,” Nahlah Karimah posted July 4 on Twitter.

“Thank Allah for the decent ally who stepped in and saved me and the girl,” she tweeted.

Ruit was arrested and charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and second-degree trespass, all misdemeanors.