Trump Just Claimed ‘Children Are Dying’ At Home From ‘Trauma’ Of School Closures

President Trump renewed his attacks on school districts that are hesitant to reopen for in-person classes in the fall over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, telling CBS News on Tuesday that the districts were making a “terrible decision.”

Trump told CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge that the Los Angeles Unified School District had made a “mistake” in deciding not to reopen in the fall, joining a number of school districts across the country who have said the same.

“What do you tell parents and teachers who feel that it is unsafe to go back?” Herridge asked Mr. Trump.

“I would tell parents and teachers that you should find yourself a new person whoever is in charge of that decision, because it’s a terrible decision,” Trump said.

“Because children and parents are dying from that trauma, too,” he added without providing evidence to back his claim. They’re dying because they can’t do what they’re doing. Mothers can’t go to work because all of a sudden they have to stay home and watch their child, and fathers.”

Trump said that being unable to send children to school puts a “tremendous strain” on parents, and called the issue a “balancing act.”

“We have to open our schools,” Trump said.

Trump claims opponents of reopening schools are making a political calculation, hoping to keep him from winning a second term in office.

“I also say a decision like that is politics, because we’re starting to do very well in the polls, because I’m for law and order. I’m for strong business. Our jobs are coming back at a record level like we’ve never seen anything like it. Record level. We’re heading up. It’s turning out to be the V just like — I built it once before, the strongest economy ever. I’m doing it again,” Trump said. He added that “they don’t want it to happen,” referring to “the Democrats and the radical left.”