Karen’s Meltdown Goes Viral: ‘You Go On Grindr And Do Hookups! You Show Every Part Of Your Body’

A woman’s anti-Grindr outburst at a retail shopping mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has gone viral this week.

“Why do these punks think they own the world and think they can do what they want,” the woman says as she exits her vehicle to speak with a group of CF Sherway Gardens mall security guards about a parking dispute.

“Ok, I have to do my video,” the woman tells the security guards as she pulls her phone out.

“You’re disgusting and I’m so sick of young people who think they are all that,” the woman says as she walks toward the man filming her.

“There you go, sweetheart,” she says. “Let’s test you. My goodness. Nothing better to do with your time because this is what your generation does. You go on Grindr and do hookups. You show every part of your body.”

“You have no self-respect,” she says as she slaps her knee as the man filming her giggles. “Oh my goodness. None whatsoever.”

A security guard then escorts the woman away from the man and tries to explain to her she cannot park in the car charging station spot. She then blames her poor eyesight for not being able to read the sign.