‘F–ck Your Mask!’ At-Risk Parents Kick Son Out Of Home After Attending Fire Island ‘COVID Party’

Giancarlo Albanese, the unapologetic man who attended a maskless all-male rave at Fire Island Pines last weekend and posted a photo of the party with the caption “F–k your mask … F–k your vaccine” — has reportedly been booted from his parents’ house over his possible exposure to COVID-19.

A man claiming to be Albanese’s brother responded to his Instagram post, which itself drew the ire of hundreds of Instagram users.

“Find a new home because you’re not welcome at the one you currently live at,” he wrote. “Complete disrespect for [Mom] and Dad’s lives, both who are very weak.”

He added: “Mom has Chemo on Friday and you’re out doing this s–t? Go live off on your own and not under your [parents’] roof and you can do whatever you want.”

The user, whose screen name is toffmcsoft and who has set his profile to private, alleged that their father underwent heart surgery last year and is currently at home recovering.

Both immunocompromised parents, he claimed, are over 70 and added, “I’ll be standing at the door. [Giancarlo’s] not walking through it.”

Albanese also reportedly posted the photo to Twitter on July 5 with the same caption that continues, “F–k your eugenics. Kiss my a—–e if you think [I’m] an a–.”

On July 5, journalist Serena Daniari tweeted to her 15,000-plus followers, “Sis is homeless now because he thought it would be cute to party in Fire Island in the middle of a pandemic and put his parents at risk,” ending it with a clown-face emoji.

Albanese, an admitted conspiracy theorist, took to Instagram on Wednesday to deliver a 14-minute video rant in which he refused to apologize for his actions.

In the video clip, Albanese says he has “nothing to be sorry about” and says the same goes for the “hundreds of thousands, if not millions” of people who went out to celebrate July 4 last week.

“The world has been consumed by mass hysteria and paranoia on an unprecedented scale right now,” he says, adding that he refuses to fall for it. “We’re not going to fall for the lab-made virus, we’re not going to fall for the mass-media marketing campaign that’s been going on because it’s all bulls–t, every single ounce of it.”

“You guys need to grow up,” he said of those who attempted to shame him online. “You honestly need to grow up.”

He also says he has been “predicting things” for over “ten years.”