Florida Man Hurls Horrific Transphobic Abuse On Tinder, Wishes All Trans People Would ‘Just Die’

A Florida man’s shocking transphobic abuse directed at a young transgender woman has gone viral and has many social media users calling for the man to be fired from his job.

Marcie, who lives in Miami, Florida, and goes by she/they pronouns, tells The Gaily Grind she recently came to terms with her gender identity and began using Tinder to meet local guys.

Marcie notes that her profile clearly states she is “transfeminine” right under her profile picture. Recently, Marcie tells us she’s had some guys “swipe right on my profile without even reading my bio and seeing that I’m trans, they just looked at my pics and called it a day. Then when we match, they unmatch right away, some of them even making a comment like “wtf” before they unmatch.”

But things took a dark turn last week when a man named Dario matched with Marcie and began messaging her with transhphobic abuse.

“Trans people should just die,” he began his message. “That’s why you will never find love.”

“You still swiped right tho,” Marcie replied, not letting his abuse get the best of her.

“I swipe right on everything dumbass,” Dario fired back, adding that “trans people are disgusting and should just die. I wish we would have a 2nd halocaust[sic] but only trans people. Your family doesn’t even love you.”

“You should have never been born, you would have made your whole family a lot happier,” he added during his tirade.

Marcie still did not let him get the best of her, brushing him off with a “lol.”

“Foreal why did u choose to be trans,” he continued. “Trans are so disgusting and ugly.”

“Every day I’d say, at least one guy makes a comment, but today was definitely the most intense, to say the least,” Marcie told us. “And the crazy part is, after posting what he said on Twitter, I had guys AND girls defending his behavior and making fun of me as well.”

“I’m strong and I’m used to people always picking on me, I just wish they would just mind their business and realize maybe what they’re doing is wrong?” Marcie added.

Several Twitter users shared screenshots of the regular abuse they receive on dating apps from transphobic men.

Trans individuals face shocking levels of violence all across the world, with Black trans women in the United States at particular risk. In 2019, there were 27 trans people murdered in the United States. There have been 18 trans people murdered in the U.S. as of June 2020.