Videos Of Gay Men Throwing Packed ‘COVID Parties’ On Fire Island Sparks Outrage Online

“Fire Island” trended on Twitter Sunday afternoon after dozens of photos and videos showing packed “COVID parties” at the gay Long Island resort destination of Fire Island Pines went viral, drawing the ire of some on social media.

PIX11 reports that Suffolk County police were called to the beach in Fire Island Pines, a hamlet on the barrier island, twice on Saturday for reports of large groups of people not social distancing or wearing masks, a department spokesperson told the local station on Sunday.

A photo of one of those incidents posted on Instagram shows hundreds of people standing closely together without masks.

One party attendee, identified as Giancarlo Albanese, posted a photo of a packed gathering and wrote: “F**k Your mask. F**k your social distancing. F**k your vaccine. F**k your eugenics. Kiss my a**hole if you think Im an ass😂🤷‍♂️🤣”

Journalist Chris Weidner shared several photos and videos of the massive gatherings, writing: “Plenty of non-social-distancing going on at Fire Island Pines in New York. Certain gays can’t skip a season to save their lives. Criticism mounts.”

Several people who said they live in the area spoke out in the photo’s comments, condemning the actions of the crowd and arguing that local residents and businesses have been following state coronavirus guidelines.

Police officers reportedly walked through the gathering and reminded people of social distancing requirements and to wear a mask. No citations were issued, according to police.

Vinny Vega, a NY promoter and COVID survivor, blasted the party attendees as “a bunch of entitled gay men who can’t take one season off of partying to save the collective lives of the human race.”

“Is this really what our world is facing? A bunch of entitled gay men who can’t take one season off of partying to save the collective lives of the human race?” he asked. “So many people are flat out refusing to adjust to the ‘new normal.’ Guess what…everyone in this photo, and anyone at this event (especially the horde’s of individual’s not even being considerate enough to be gathering in large social settings with masks & making sure that sufficient distancing is being implemented)…2020 has been a hard year for the ENTIRE F*CKING PLANET.”

He continued: “If we do not all do our part, be compassionate, considerate, and responsible…we are all going to be doomed to the current fate unfolding in the TRUMP-centric states. Delusional, sociopathic mindsets in our current sociopolitical climate are resulting in spiking numbers of Covid-19 cases/deaths. THIS IS NOT A JOKE: THIS IS SERIOUS. CARE MORE.This is just my opinion, and this is my Facebook profile, so I’m going to state it. The Fire Island 2020 season should be flat out cancelled. These island goers cannot be trusted to social distance, and THEY WILL end up resulting in asymptomatic individuals bringing the virus into the masses of NYC and other places…and a second wave will occur.”

Hunders of Twitter users called out one partier by the name of Corey Hannon who reportedly decided to attend the festivies “ten days” after testing positive for COVID-19.

“You know what, I did have COVID,” Hannon said in a video message responding to everyone who had called him out for attending the Fire Island party. “Everyone knows I had COVID, and you know what I did? I sat in my f**king bedroom and quarantined myself for eight f**king days. And suffered through COVID. And now I’m out celebrating. So go f**k yourselves. I hope all of you get f**king COVID, you nasty nasty trolls.”