Florida Candidate Claims Beyoncé Is Faking Being Black, Says ‘She Is Italian’

K.W. Miller, an Independent running for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida’s 18th Congressional District, took to Twitter on Saturday to declare that “Beyoncé is not even African American” and that “she is faking this for exposure.”

Miller then claims that “her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi” and that “she is Italian.”

“This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement,” he writes, adding: “BEYONCÉ YOU ARE ON NOTICE!”

Then Miller explains that “Beyoncé’s song ‘Formation’ was a secret coded message to the globalists.”

“The song clearly admitted that she was demonic and that she worshipped in the Satanist churches located in Alabama & Louisiana,” he adds. “She keeps Satanist symbols in her bag.”

He goes on to claim that Beyonce “shouts out a ‘Black Bill Gates in the making’ in the song which he then ties to the Black Lives Matter movement and Bill Gates pushing “a COVID vaccination.”

“Looking more into Beyoncé’s coded globalist messages,” Miller continues. “Who is ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ who she encourages people to call while apologizing? Oh…. a Soros operative? Interesting. All goes through London.”

Then Miller went after Patti LaBelle who he calls “another Illuminati globalist puppet.”

Twitter responded to Miller’s deranged thread with mockery and calls for him to “take his meds.”