Ex-CIA Director Shocked By Striking Similarity Between Trump’s New Logo And Nazi Party Emblem

Gen. Michael Hayden, the former director of the CIA and NSA, expressed shock on Wednesday evening at the striking resemblance between a new Trump 2020 logo and the eagle emblem of the Nazi Party.

“Holy shit,” Hayden tweeted on Wednesday, responding to a post comparing the new logo featured on merchandise being sold on the official trump campaign website to the infamous Third Reich Parteiadler – Party’s Eagle – symbol.

The image, used as the emblem for the Nazi Party, saw the eagle facing the same way as the Trump campaign version but carrying a swastika in its claws instead.

The New York Times’ Kurt Eichenwald wrote: “Some are showing these Trump emblems as similar to a famous Nazi emblem, just with the eagle looking the other way. Nope – there were TWO versions of the Nazi eagle emblem. One of them is an exact match to Trump campaign apparel. Not even TRYING to hide it anymore.”

The shirt featuring the problematic eagle logo was still available for sale on the official Trump Campaign store as of Wednesday evening.