‘F**king Democratic Pigs!’: ‘Karen’ Throws Violent Tantrum Over Trader Joe’s Mask Policy

A California woman was caught on video throwing a tantrum inside a Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood after fellow shoppers confronted her for not wearing a face mask while shopping.

“You’re a fucking b*tch!” the woman screamed at one worker while complaining about being “cussed out” by another worker over her refusal to wear a mask.

“Do you think this is okay?” the woman asked as she slammed down a shopping basket before making her way out of the store.

“You f**king pigs! You’re f**king Democratic pigs, all of you!” she is heard yelling as she makes her way to the exit.

The person recording the video narrated to note: “This is day one. This is opening day of Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood. This is Karen.”

“That man harassed me for not wearing a mask!” she shouted.

In another video of the incident, the woman said that the people asking her to wear a mask were harassing her and violating federal law.

“Yes, I have a breathing problem,” the woman said in one video. “My doctor would not let me wear a mask. So, anyone harassing me to wear a mask, you guys are violating federal law. You get that? Get that on camera.”

“Watch her reaction to being asked to wear a mask at Trader Joe’s,” Rollins, a prosecutor in Massachusetts, commented on the incident. “This level of outrage is tolerated by our society in that instance. What is the commensurate level of outrage for witnessing your people targeted, murdered & brutalized? Asking for a friend.”

A witness to the incident suggested that the woman was on the hunt for controversy in the first place.

“She took her mask off after she entered the store, and walked around with a basket, but not putting anything into it,” they wrote. “Instead she was roaming the aisles and getting up in people’s faces, getting as close as possible, waiting for someone to inevitably tell her to put her mask back on. And when a dude finally did – which didn’t take long I’m guessing, because she was being super aggressive – she lost it.”

“A manager was already on her way over to her because it was obvious what was going on, and her to leave,” their post went on, “I recognized the manager from one of the other Valley locations, and she demonstrated a level of professional patience and calm in attempting to de-escalate that was award-worthy.”

“The predictable screaming rant ensued,” the eyewitness post continued–noting that the woman cited a statute and her First Amendment rights after being asked to leave the store for health and safety reasons.