“Karen” Holds Black Family ‘Hostage’ In Parking Lot, Calls Cops After Her Child Steps On Store Shelf

A black mother recorded her encounter with a deranged white woman at a Detroit, Michigan, supermarket who blocked her from leaving the parking lot in her car, Fox2 reports.

Shaneeka Montgomery-Strickland, 43, was shopping with her three children and attempting to leave a Kroger store on Saturday afternoon when the ‘Karen’ stood behind her vehicle and refused to move out of the way.

“This needs to be known. You can’t just stay hush hush about everything and keep on letting people get away with nonsense,” she said, adding that the confrontation started when her son tried to grab a bottle of Gatorade from a store shelf.

“She said, ‘Oh my god, they went up to get they Gatorade and I’m trying to shop here.’ It was irateness,” she told Fox2. “I told her please don’t yell at them and then she started yelling at me. And I said, ‘You don’t have to yell at me, they got the Gatorade.’ And a lot of people where, if you’re short you’re going to go up there and grab what you need. There’s not a lot of workers in the aisle, you have to do what you have to do and you move on.”

The unidentified woman pursued the mother and her children as they exited the store and walked to their car.

“She still went to her car, came back with the baby in the cart, called me the b-word, then she stood behind my car because I started videotaping after that,” she said.

“I said ma’am can you please move from behind my car, she told me ‘no I’m not going anywhere,'” Shaneeka said.

The woman ultimately called the police who arrived within minutes to settle the dispute. The woman quickly ran up to the squad car to put across her side of the story.

The officers took down details from both women but eventually asked the white woman to stand aside.