‘I Hate Gay People’: TN Sheriff’s Deputy Fired Over Racist And Anti-LGBT Facebook Posts

A Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy who made several racist and anti-LGBT social media posts prior to his employment has been fired.

Deputy Joshua Wilson, 26, of Clarksville made the social media posts between 2010 to 2016, prior to joining the force.

On June 8, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of the posts, began an internal investigation and put Wilson on leave.

“The Professional Standards Bureau interviewed the deputy, reviewed the facts, and presented their findings to the sheriff Thursday afternoon,” according to an MCSO news release. “Based on the information presented of social media activity prior to and while employed, Sheriff John Fuson released the deputy from employment effective immediately.”

Wilson’s Facebook feed was no longer publicly visible. However, screenshots of the controversial posts were republished by Scoop: Clarksville:

  • In July 2010, “I hate gay people.”
  • In July 2015, “Just saw a guy wearing a shirt that said I love being black. Could you imagine the crap I would get called if I wore a shirt that said I love being white.”
  • In July 2015, “It blows my mind that people don’t find it disrespectful to change the colors of the American flag from red, white and blue to rainbow colored, but they find it disrespectful to have a Confederate flag just because your from the south.”
  • In December 2015, “This shows you what America is like now. People are saying Donald Trump was racist for wanting to stop all Muslims into the country at the time. If only Muslim was a race. Thanks Obama.”
  • In July 2016, four months before becoming a deputy, a shared post stating, “Question of the day. If you run over all these people blocking roadways protesting are they gonna call the cops for attempted murder? The people they are protesting against?”

“It is my job to protect our citizens and enforce the law impartially and without prejudice. In order to accomplish this, I have to have confidence that our deputies share those same values,” Sheriff John Fuson said. “The posts made on social media, do not reflect the character or values of this office.”