‘I’ll Kill You!’: Georgia Man Used Racial Slur, Pulled Gun On Family For Brushing Against Car

A Georgia family was left shaken after police say a Kingsland man drew a gun on them in a grocery store parking lot, reports News4Jax.

Kingsland police arrested Thomas Langdale on Friday after he allegedly threatened to shoot a black man after the man’s 18-year-old son brushed up against Langdale’s car, according to the arrest report.

Langdale has been charged with aggravated assault, according to a police report.

His arrest was caught on Facebook Live by a local pastor who attempted to console the family after the incident.

Eric Dawson, the victim of the crime, said Langdale used a racial slur directed at him while he pointed a gun at him in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie in Kingsland.

Dawson said his family was celebrating his son’s graduation that day.

He said Langdale became hostile after his son brushed up against his car in the parking lot.

“He yelled out, ‘I’ve been watching him in my rearview mirror. He doesn’t need to brush up against my car. He’s not worth enough to brush up against my car. Don’t ever come up beside my car again,’” Dawson said.

Dawson attempted to calm Langdale down, but instead, Dawson said Langdale raised his gun and at one point called him a racial slur.

“He pointed it directly at me in my face. All I could see was the barrel of that gun,” Dawson said. “Then he said, ‘I’ll shoot you. I’ll kill you.’”

“I said ‘Put the gun down. Fight me. Fight me,’” Dawson said.

Pastor Mack Knight, who recorded the incident, rushed to the store immediately to help Dawson.

“I was just overwhelmed with emotions to know that in this day and time we are still dealing with this type of systemic racism and they’re getting more bolder and bolder and it’s in our neck of the woods,” said Knight.

The police report said security cameras in the parking lot corroborated the family’s store, showing Langdale brandishing his gun towards Dawson, which led to his arrest.

A cellphone video of the incident also shows Langdale drawing his weapon during the confrontation.

Langsdale bonded out of jail Tuesday morning, reports News4Jax.

Dawson, who said the incident has impacted him mentally and he is still shaken up, hopes this incident will open eyes and show people that racism is real in Kingsland — and he wants that to change.