Child Left Sobbing After Woman Threatens To ‘F–king Kill’ Her Mother For Peaceful Protest

A woman was caught on video verbally attacking an 8-year-old girl and threatening to kill her mother during Friday’s peaceful Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in Bakersfield, California.

​​In a now-viral video recorded by Erika Baze, you can hear the little girl sobbing in fear and inconsolably telling her mother that she’s scared of the woman.

The video was recorded Friday afternoon as Baze and her daughter headed home after attending a BLM protest in Northwest Bakersfield.​

​Baze, who is white, has been participating in BLM demonstrations since Friday. She told KGET TV that her daughter has asked to come along every day so she finally decided to take her​.

“​​The protest began around 6 p.m. One group protesting the death of George Floyd and police brutality was met by counter-protesters carrying American flags and ‘Make America Great Again’ flags on opposite corners at Calloway drive and Hageman road,” KGET TV reports. “​About an hour into the demonstration, Baze decided it was time to head home.​ She says they were walking back to their car when they were confronted by a woman.”

Baze says the woman told them they weren’t welcome in her neighborhood and that she was going to call the police.

The mother says the woman tried to get violent so she pulled out her cellphone and began recording.

At one point, the woman says, “I will f-ing kill you” before her shirtless husband drags her away.

​Erika Baze says her daughter is feeling a lot better since Friday.​

The Bakersfield Police Department is investigating the incident.