WATCH: Bat-Wielding Michigan Granny Confronts Peaceful George Floyd Marchers

A bat-wielding 75-year-old Michigan grandma confronted a group of peaceful George Floyd protesters Wednesday evening, blocking them from marching down a street in her affluent East Grand Rapids neighborhood and accusing them of trying “to burn down” homes in the area, reports NBC affiliate WOOD TV.

In a now-viral video of the tense incident, Karla Anderson can be seen waving the slugger at a crowd of dozens of demonstrators — before one of them grabs the bat, and another tries to restrain her.

“I’m gonna protect my property. You have no right to riot!” she can be heard yelling at protesters described by the outlet as being “entire peaceful throughout the night.”

Anderson later told the local station that she was simply trying to protect her neighborhood from possible vandals and looters.

“I just simply stated, you know, ‘You’re not going to burn down East [Grand Rapids],’” she said, adding she believed Antifa was involved in the protest.

“There is no evidence of Anita’s involvement,” the station noted.

“This is not about Black Lives Matter, this is about racial division,” she said.

As the demonstrators marched away, one man can be heard wondering aloud:

“What the f–k was that?” one of the marches remarked as the demonstrators marched away.