Indy Pride Organization Cuts Ties With Local Police After Officers Beat Unarmed Woman With Batons

Indianapolis police are investigating the actions of several police officers who were caught on video using batons and pepper balls to to beat a black woman at a protest Sunday night over the death of George Floyd.

The video, which was been widely viewed on Twitter and Facebook, shows one of the women wiggling out of the grasp of one of the officers.

Then, several pops can be heard and smoke appears around the woman, indicating that pepper balls had been fired. A pair of officers then struck her repeatedly with batons until she fell to the ground.

A second woman at the scene was also shoved to the ground and subdued by officers.

Now the local Pride organization, Indy Pride, has announced the group has severed ties with the police department, citing police brutality as the reason.

“Indy Pride will no longer contract with or utilize police departments for security at the Indy Pride Festival and other events, unless necessary for road closures,” the Indy Pride board of directors said in an emailed statement.

“We know there are many in our community who are law enforcement professionals and you are welcome at our events and still part of our community; however, we respectfully request that you do not wear your uniform at the Indy Pride Festival or other events.”

The group says they will now hire private security instead of relying on the local police department at future pride events.

“At Indy Pride, we believe that Black Lives Matter. The Indy Pride Virtual Festival will uplift black and brown people in our community, spotlight their stories, and showcase their contributions to our community,” Indy Pride’s statement read.

“It is important now more than ever to remember the first Pride marches were protests against police brutality led by brown and black people. This is the time for our community to listen to communities affected by violence, to protest with them, and to support them in all ways possible.”

A spokeswoman for the mayor’s office told The Associated Press that four IMPD officers have been reassigned to support roles pending the outcome of an investigation into the use of batons and pepper balls to subdue the two women.