Cops Caught On Video Violently Shoving Elderly Man With A Cane Into The Pavement Sparking Outrage

An elderly man attending the peaceful protests against police brutality on Saturday was shoved to the ground by Salt Lake City police officers dressed in riot gear.

The incident, which provoked outrage online, was broadcast live on local station ABC4 News.

The officers appear to give the elderly man a forceful shove with their hand and then again with their shields before the man has a chance to stabilize himself with his cane.

As the man begins to stumble forward, an officer can be seen shoving the man again with his riot shield, sending the man tumbling toward the pavement.

“Sadly, a man was just knocked off his feet,” a reporter on the scene could be heard telling the audience.

“An officer now helping him up,” she says as another group of officers could be seen rushing over to assist the man.

It is unclear if the man sustained any injuries after his fall.