Black Protesters Confront White Women Graffitiing ‘Black Lives Matter’: ‘They Are Gonna Blame That On Us!’

A group of peaceful black protesters calling for an end to police brutality confronted two white women seen spray painting pro-Black Lives Matter (BLM) messages onto the side of a Starbucks.

The woman filming the incident can be heard shaming the women for scrawling “Down With White Supremacy” and “BLM” in black spray paint on the side of the building.

“I want you to know, this is not a black woman who is putting ‘Black Lives Matter’,” the woman filming says. “You all are doing that for us and we didn’t ask you to do that.”

“Listen, don’t spray stuff on here when they are going to blame black people for this,” she yells at the two white women. “And black people didn’t do it.”

“They not gonna show y’alls faces when they see that on this building,” she continued. “They are gonna blame that on us. Y’all are part of the problem. News come on and they are gonna say we did that. We didn’t do that. Stuff like this ain’t right!”

“Stuff like this ain’t right,” the woman filming tells the camera. “That’s what the problem is. We out here standing together, peacefully, protesting without any problems. You got people spraying on buildings talking about black lives matter. That ain’t even us.”

“Don’t let the media fool you,” she says. “When they see the vandalism on these places, know that it wasn’t us. And when you see something like that you are supposed to stand up and say something. Don’t spray on these peoples’ buildings.”