Lesbian Couple Become Costa Rica’s First Same-Sex Spouses In Ceremony Broadcast On Live TV

Daritza Araya Arguedas and Alexandra Quirós Castillo became the first same-sex couple in Costa Rica to tie the knot early Tuesday, the first day same-sex marriage became legal in the country, reports NBC News.

“You have begun in law what has existed in love,” Ana Cecilia Castro Calzada said as she officiated the wedding. “We celebrate and honor this journey that you have made together as life companions in hope of a day like today: historic for you two and for Costa Rica.”

Eight minutes after midnight, as 10,000 watched the ceremony live on Facebook, Castillo, 29, a university student, and Araya, 24, a judicial technician, signed their marriage license, exchanged vows, rings and their first kiss as a married couple before a small crowd.

Their wedding was also carried live on national television.

Marriage equality came about after the constitutional court declared in August 2018 that a ban on same-sex weddings was unconstitutional and discriminatory.

The court gave Costa Rica’s parliament 18 months to change the law.

Enrique Sánchez, Costa Rica’s first openly gay member of parliament, welcomed the change and praised those who had spent years lobbying for the same-sex marriage ban to be lifted.

“With their experience, their struggles… they have helped build a society where there are no second-class families or second-rate people,” he told Reuters news agency.