Trump Trashes Marine Corps Veteran As ‘An American Fraud’ On Memorial Day

President Trump on Memorial Day called a sitting congressman and Marine Corps veteran “an American fraud” on Twitter.

In the Monday afternoon tweet, Trump also misspelled Democratic congressman Conor Lamb’s name, calling him “Connor Lamm” instead.

Trump then touted the candidacy of Sean Parnell, who is hoping to oust Lamb from the U.S. House seat in Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District.

He railed against Lamb, calling him “a puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi” even though Lamb was one of the 15 Democrats not to vote for her as Speaker of the House in 2019, as The Daily Beast notes.

Lamb responded to Trump’s tweet, noting that “these people have been lying about my record since the day I became a candidate.”

“It hasn’t stopped, and it won’t stop, until we beat them at the ballot box in November,” he added.

The president’s attack, which came as the U.S. COVID-19 death toll neared 100,000, sparked immediate outrage on social media.

“Just when I think I couldn’t hate trump more, he says this on Memorial Day!” one Twitter user wrote. “Rep. Conor Lamb is an AMERICAN HERO! trump NEVER stops with the insults, never. What a miserable, vicious sub-human. @realDonaldTrump You’re a pathetic draft dodging coward. Leave our HERO’s ALONE!!”

“Donald Trump attacking America servicemen and women and veterans such as Conor Lamb is not a one-off. This is something he has done on multiple occasions. He doesn’t respect them. He doesn’t respect anybody,” wrote another.