In Disturbing Trend, Conservative Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns At Their Crotches To ‘Own Libs’

Conservative gun owners are reportedly pointing loaded guns at their crotches in an attempt to “trigger liberals,” reports The Guardians.

Photos and videos showing men posing with guns in their laps with their fingers on the trigger have gone viral this weekend, with many Twitter users mocking the dangerous stunt.

Concealed Nation notes that they’ve “seen a rash” of similar posts in their online group, and “all involved received a permanent ban. It comes down to safety, and those actions break many rules.”

NY Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman highlighted the disturbing trend on Twitter last week, sharing a Facebook post by Nic Price who wrote: “To own the libs, gun owners are now pointing guns at their crotches to prove they won’t blow their balls off. Update: apparently this has been going on for over a year, and it’s actually to upset people who think trigger discipline is important.”

Elizabeth Spiers, former editor-in-chief of The New York Observer, tweeted: “owning the libs by… performatively threatening to voluntarily do the thing with the consequence they’re most afraid of?”

Many mocked the dangerous trend, with one Twitter user writing: “Darwinism in action.”