Trump Promotes Tweet From Racist Supporter Calling Hillary A “Skank” And Stacey Abrams Fat

President Donald Trump retweeted a series of personal attacks on his political rivals, one calling his former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton a “skank” and another mocked the physical appearances of potential vice presidential candidates Stacey Adams and House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“When I see 1 of those polls that has Malarkey the Racist up 6-8 points everywhere, I’m thinking they must have called the same 1,000 people from 2016 that said HRC the Skank was up 6-8 %,” tweeted conservative politician John K Stahl, taking a swipe at Biden’s “No Malarkey” slogan. Trump retweeted the post hours after returning from a day at his golf course.

As The New York Times notes, Stahl has a well-documented history of racist and sexist online commentary.

Trump has retweeted a number of cruel posts from Stahl mocking Adams and Pelosi.

“She fought a tough race, kissed a lot of babies and visited every buffet restaurant in the State,” he wrote in reference to Abrams’ weight.

“Anyone know what’s going on with PolyGrip?” Stahl tweeted, referring to Pelosi in one tweet.

“I’ve noticed lately that her face seems glossy and she is sporting a poorly marked 2nd set of eyebrows. I’m thinking it’s an extreme case of incurable TDS [ Trump Derangement Syndrome],” he added.

The tweets come as The New York Times devoted its front page to mark the staggering death toll from coronavirus in the US, listing 1,000 of the nearly 100,000 Americans who had lost their lives to the virus.

“The president called one prominent female Democrat fat and another a “skank” tonight and it won’t get nearly the coverage of Joe Biden saying something dumb because the bar for Trump is subterranean and we’ve normalized having an ignorant monster as president,” VOX’s Aaron Rupar tweeted late Saturday night.