Pixar Welcomes First Gay Lead Character In Tear-Jerking Disney+ Short Film ‘Out’

Pixar Animation Studios has just introduced its first gay lead character in the moving new short film, “Out.”

“Out,” written by Steven Clay Hunter, known for animating “Finding Nemo” and “WALL-E,” was released through Disney+’s SparkShorts series Friday.

The 9-minute mini movie mixes fantasy, drama and comedy to tell the story of Greg, who is moving in with his boyfriend, Manuel.

But there’s a catch: Greg isn’t “out” to his parents and is shocked when they drop by for an unannounced visit.

Greg attempts to hide the evidence of his relationship, but his fairy god-pets, a magical dog and cat, encourage him to tell his parents the truth.

Fans are celebrating the historic short on social media.

“Finally!!! LGBT People also exist in the Disney / Pixar universe!! Thank you!!” said one Twitter supporter in summing up the move.