Driver Attacks Colorado’s Openly Gay Governor With Homophobic Slur: ‘Open Our Gyms F–got’

A 61-year-old man from Loveland, Colorado, has reportedly been identified as the owner of a truck seen driving with “OPEN OUR GYMS FA-GOT” written on the back window of his vehicle, a message that appears to be directed a Colorado’s openly gay governor, Jared Polis.

According to Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, the homophobic driver was seen on the corner Garfield and Orchards in Loveland on Sunday, 5/17/2020, the same day as the Reopen Colorado protest that took place at the state capitol.

The man identified by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists as the alleged driver has a photo of a truck nearly identical to the one seen in the now-viral image on his Facebook page.

The group describes the man as “a boring and bigoted man living a sad life, whose only joy seems to come from skipping leg day, calling gay people slurs, and spreading viruses.”

Some social media users denounced the display as a “disgusting show of hate.”