Man Berates Costco Employee For Enforcing Mandatory Mask Policy: ‘He’s A P***y Little B**ch!’

A video has gone viral on social media showing a Costco customer berating a store employee with abusive language after he was asked to leave the store because he refused to comply with Costco’s mandatory face mask policy.

The video, filmed by the customer, begins with him telling the Costco employee: “I just put you on my 3,000 follower Instragam feed.”

At that point, the employee gives a wave and responds, “Hi everyone! I work for Costco and I’m asking this member to put on a mask cause that is our company policy. So you either wear the mask, or—”

The customer cuts in and says, “And I’m not doing it cause I woke up in a free country.”

The employee then takes the cart from the customer and starts pulling it away, prompting the customer to ask if he’s just going to take his cart “full of stuff” away.

He tells the customer, “Sir, have a great day. You are no longer welcome here in our warehouse. You need to leave.”

As the employee walks away, the customer says, “he’s gonna take the cart away cause he’s a p***y little b**ch. There he is, walking away with all my stuff.”

“Cause I’m not a f***ing sheep,” he adds.

Many Twitter users are praising the employee’s reaction to the customer.

One person posted: “way to go Costco and Tison. thank you for looking out for others !” Another wrote: “This is why I shop at Costco. They care about their employees and customers. Tison should be commended.”