Trump Jr. Smears Joe Biden As A “Pedophile” In Social Media Rant

President Trump’s eldest son on Saturday posted a meme on social suggesting former Vice President Joe Biden is a “pedophile,” an accusation The New York Times ripped as “incendiary and baseless” and an illustration of the “tactics the president is turning to as he attempts to erase Mr. Biden’s early advantage in key state polls.”

Trump Jr. shared a meme on Instagram of Biden saying: “See you later, alligator” alongside an image of an alligator saying: “In a while, pedophile.”

“Donald Trump Jr.’s inflammatory and baseless claim, which he shared with his 2.8 million Instagram followers, comes as his father and the re-election campaign have sought to weaken Mr. Biden with an onslaught of allegations and insinuations rarely seen in modern elections,” the Times reported.

When a reporter shared the Instagram post online, Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter that he was only “joking around” and noted that he had included emojis of a laughing face.

“Yet in the same Twitter post, he also reprised his original insinuation. He accused the former vice president of ‘unwanted touching’ alongside a collage of photographs of Mr. Biden showing affection for children. The misleading images were mostly taken from public swearing-in ceremonies at the Capitol, where the former vice president warmly greeted lawmakers and their families.”

Following the newspaper’s report, Trump Jr. doubled down on his initial pedophile charge in a subsequent Twitter post.