Reporter Asks McEnany: Why Blame Obama For Lack Of PPE If Trump’s ‘Been In Office For 3 Years’?

During an exchange with White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, a reporter asked why she and President Trump continue to blame President Obama for leaving the Trump administration with an “empty” national stockpile for emergencies even after Trump has been in office for three years.

“You talked about all of this preparation that the Trump administration did but how come on January 2020 the stockpile was as low as it was on supplies like facemasks like N95s,” Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin asked McEnany.

“Yeah, it’s a really good question. Perhaps I should redirect your question to President Obama who left the stockpile empty,” McEnany responded, echoing Trump’s false and exaggerated claim that the stockpile was completely empty when he took office. “He left the cupboard bare as the president noted.”

Colvin pushed back on McEnany’s answer, asking what the president has done in the last three years to address the “empty” stockpile.

“We refilled that stockpile,” McEnany said. “We got the N-95 masks out — ventilators are another good example, not a single America died for lack of a ventilator — a hundred thousand ventilators in a hundred days, three-times what is produced in the average year.”

“We have delivered,” she continued. “We have cleaned up the mess that was very clearly left by President Obama and we got that out.”