Tomi Lahren Embarrasses Herself After Using Pride Parades To Attack Coronavirus Lockdowns

Right-wing Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren suggested that the LGBTQ community will end up having second thoughts about coronavirus lockdowns when their Pride parades start getting canceled.

“To the pro-eternal shutdown cheerleaders, when your favorite government pals start canceling pride parades, we better not hear a peep out of you!!!” she tweeted last week.

But LGBTQ supporters were quick to school the clueless pundit on how ridiculous her claim was, noting that many Pride parades have already been canceled — not by the “government,” but by Pride organizers themselves.

One queer emergency room doctor tweeted in reply, “If my community hadn’t already cancelled pride events I’d be lobbying organizers to do so immediately. That’s because unlike you the LGBTIQ community has a sense of civic pride & duty and cares about our neighbors.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Pride events were cancelled weeks ago, darling. And having lived through a plague once, we were fine with that decision.”