Netflix, Amazon Clapback At Viral Meme Attacking Visibility Of Gay Characters In Shows

Netflix has clapped back at a viral meme on Twitter that criticizes the streaming giant for featuring gay characters in its series.

Twitter user @AdamSB___ posted a meme of the Spongebob Squarepants character Patrick Star, labeled “Netflix,” stuffing a giant pumpkin, labeled “an unnecessary gay character” into a small funnel, labeled “any new series.”

The tweet had over 112,000 likes and nearly 29,000 retweets by Thursday morning.

Netflix took aim at the viral meme Wednesday afternoon, tweeting: “sorry you have yet to realize that every gay person is very necessary.”

Netflix’s reply received over 331,000 likes, over 55,000 retweets, and thousands of reactions – including a tweet by the Amazon’s official “Prime Video” Twitter account endorsing their clap back.