#ShampooChallenge: Guys Are Showing Off By Balancing Shampoo Bottles On Their Rods

Because we all have way too much time on our hands, a group of well-endowed men has been posting pictures of themselves balancing shampoo bottles on their erect members.

The “trend” is known on social media as the #shampoochallenge or #shampoobottlechallenge.

Some of the guys have been posting pictures where they’re completely naked and erect, whereas others have completed the challenge wearing only their boxers.

The photos are NSFW, so we’ll let you explore the full list by clicking here.

It’s unclear who started the challenge, but it appears that the earliest known #shampoochallenge post was shared by Twitter user @hurtpapi on April 23.

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He shared a comic strip with a man in his boxers balancing a shampoo bottle on his junk.

Hurtpapi’s caption reads: “Can we get this challenge trending? I’m tryna see sum #ShampooChallenge.”

And that’s how an NSFW challenge was born!

Check out the full list here.

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