Gay Nephew Of Popular Anti-Gay Televangelist Comes Out As A Drag Queen

The gay nephew of a notorious Brazilian homophobe has come out as a drag queen.

Lucas Santos, the son of a Brazilian evangelical pastor and singer Eyshila and the nephew of a popular televangelist Silas Malafaia, debuted his drag persona in an Instagram post last week.

Santos first uploaded a cover of him in drag preforming “Love” by Lana Del Rey.

In a subsequent post, he appeared in a platinum blonde wig and with blue eye shadow and revealed his new drag name: Peridot.

Santos also addressed his relationship with his mother, saying they both love each other despite having different religious beliefs.

“If she could choose, would she have a gay son? No. If I could choose, would I have an evangelical pastor mother? No,” he said. “But it happened… We continue to love and respect each other.”

Eyshila also opened up about her son in another Instagram post to her more than 3 million followers. She shared a photo of herself and Lucas and said that children are an inheritance from the Lord, and are not the property of their parents.

“They are our children, not our trophies. They are ours, but they are independent beings. They are not our continuation, but they have their own history, with their choices and their experiences,” she said.

“Parents, love your children! Love and express it in words and attitudes. If what you give is still not enough for them for some reason, don’t blame yourself for it. Parents can only give what they have.”

Santos’ uncle, Eyshila’s brother-in-law, is the infamous anti-gay televangelist Silas Malafaia who has previously criticized attempts to protect LGBT+ people in Brazil from discrimination, calling it a blatant attack on freedom of speech, reports Ireland’s GCN.

Malafaia has previously said he wants to put “ten thousand gay couples on an island” so that “they’ll disappear.”

In 2012, speaking about LGBT+ Pride events, he said: “The people in the Gay Parade mock the symbols of the Catholic church and no one says anything. The Catholic Church should take a stick to these guys, you know? They should lower the club on them.”