Colton Haynes Gives Himself A DIY Quarantine Haircut – Things Didn’t Go Quite As Planned

Actor Colton Haynes has returned to YouTube after a 4-year hiatus to give fans a glimpse into this daily quarantine routine.

“Get ready with me lol,” Haynes said in an Instagram post over the weekend promoting his YouTube video. “Here’s my attempt at making a YouTube video…pls don’t try this at home kids haha.”

“We’re gonna do a haircut today,” he tells viewers in the 12-minute-video.

“I’m not a professional hairstylist, so don’t call this a tutorial at all,” he warns. “Don’t do this at home, kids.”

Haynes begins by blindly shaving the sides and back of his head without the aid of a second mirror.

“That doesn’t look too bad, though, does it?” he asks halfway through the haircut.

When Haynes finally shows off the results of his DIY cut, large patches of hair can be seen near the back of his neck.

Watch the results below: