California Reporter Accidentally Shows Husband In Shower During Live Shot From Home

A local California news reporter has gone viral after she appeared to accidentally show off her naked husband in the shower during a live broadcast from her bathroom.

During a segment on hair stylists being out of work, KCRA’s San Joaquin County Bureau Chief Melinda Meza could be seen cutting her own hair while her husband was in the shower – and clearly visible in the mirror behind her.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly shared the clip online (which you can check out by clicking here (NSFW).)

“KCRA = Keep Cocks Reaching Audiences,” wrote one online commenter.

“I’m doing several online meetings per day through Zoom and other services and my wife and I don’t wear much clothing at home,” wrote one sympathetic commenter. “It’s been a little nerve wracking thinking someone’s going to get a glimpse of us walking by accidentally.”

“This is why I use virtual backgrounds in my zoom meetings/lectures where video is required,” wrote another. “I use a plain white background, or if in an informal setting, goofy ones.”

“He’s a show-er!!” wrote one.

Earlier this week, a virtual meeting by the Indiana Election Committee was abruptly interrupted by a hacker who took over their screens and played a pornographic video.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the man who interrupted the official meeting displayed a video of a man masturbating.

Credit: Twitter