Indiana Election Officials’ Zoom Meeting Interrupted By Male Pornography

A virtual meeting by the Indiana Election Committee was abruptly interrupted on Friday by a hacker who took over their screens and played a pornographic video.

The incident is another example of a so-called “Zoom bombing,” when someone interrupts a meeting on the video teleconferencing app, sometimes using a screen sharing feature to take over.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the man who interrupted the official meeting displayed a video of a man masturbating.

Viewers of the meeting appeared shocked by the naked man and quickly tried to exit out of the meeting.

“That was sufficiently disturbing,” said Paul Okeson, Election Commission chairman, after the image was removed.

Okeson told the Star that the pornographic material was only on the screen briefly before officials turned it off.

He said local officials would investigate the incident.

A viewer of the Zoom bombing wrote on Twitter: “Most exciting Election Commission meeting ever.”

“Zoom bombings” have become so widespread that the FBI issued a warning and tips on how to boost cybersecurity protocols.

People and businesses worldwide have flocked to Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic to hold events ranging from university classes to happy hours.