Kellyanne Conway Attacks CBS’s Paula Reid: ‘I Actually Don’t Know What’s Happened To You’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway lashed out at CBS News correspondent Paula Reid on Wednesday, accusing the White House reporter of “unbecoming” behavior “screaming” at President Trump in the briefing room.

Conway followed her remark by saying that she doesn’t know “what’s happened” to Reid.

Conway on Wednesday announced a list of members chosen for the President Trump’s coronavirus task force focused on reopening the economy to a gaggle of reporters outside the White House.

Conway described the list as “less exhaustive than it is illustrative,” adding that there will be other people raising their hands and saying ‘How can I help?'”

“We don’t pick who the heads of the sports commission leagues or which CEOs of companies want to help,” Conway said.

“But you do pick your task force — you could pick small businesses, you could pick other people or groups. Who is this?” Reid asked.

“Paula, I actually don’t know what’s happened to you, respectfully. I don’t know why you’ve changed,” Conway replied. “And you’re in the briefing room screaming at Anthony Fauci and the president,” Conway continued.

“But that aside, I’ll answer the question about how they’re going to help America, which is why I’m here.”

“I think you’re here for a different reason, it seems these days,” Conway added. “I’m here and the council has stepped up because they want to help Americans.”