Disgraced GOP Lawmaker Aaron Schock Shamed For ‘Quarantining’ At Beach Resort With His ‘Instagays’

Former Republican Congressman Aaron Schock (IL), who came out as gay in March after a legacy of anti-LGBT votes in Congress, was photographed spending his coronavirus quarantine in Mexico with a group of hunky men.

Social media users shamed the former lawmaker after Instagrammer Mauricio Kirscher uploaded a photo of Schock and his group on Monday (April 13), captioning it: “Be my quarentine.”

“So not only is Aaron Schock a disgraced ex-politician who spent years voting against the rights of his own people (and STILL hasn’t apologized),” wrote Queerty contributor James Duke Mason, “he’s also a moron who is partying with friends in Mexico DURING A GLOBAL QUARANTINE.”

NBC News contributor Sam Stryker tweeted: “This group of Instagays ‘quarantining’ at a resort in Mexico–WITH Aaron Schock–seem to have a very different definition of ‘social distancing’ than the rest of us!”

Stryker added: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but f*cking a disgraced former GOP congressman is not ‘essential business’.” He also included screenshots of racist tweets written by one of Schock’s beach buddies.

HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali tweeted: “Love that Aaron Schock has been holed up at a villa in Mexico with a bunch of guys. One of them just posted an IG story with ‘Stay at Home’ hashtag. You’re not at home, bitch. Must get rid of toxic in community….a bunch of awful people.”