Trump Awkwardly Jokes With Recovered COVID-19 Survivor: ‘Stay Away From Me, Please! Stay Away!’

President Trump jokingly told a recovered COVID-19 patient during a White House meeting on Tuesday to “stay away” from him after she said she felt about “85” percent recovered.

“The first few days I just had a really bad headache, fever,” a woman said during a White House event for recovered coronavirus patients. “It was the second week the respiratory problems [began].”

“I am negative now,” she told the president.

“How long did it take?” Trump asked the woman.

“Over a month,” she said.

“Over a month!” Trump exclaimed. “How are you now?”

“I’m great,” the woman responded.

“Would you say 100%?” Trump asked.

“I would say 85,” the woman replied.

“Stay away from me, please,” Trump said, prompting laughter.

“Stay away! Keep her away!” he added.

Watch the moment, below: